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This site is in memoriam of Louise de la Fonteijne. Louise, French by birth, has been living in The Netherlands since 1945. Louise was engaged in several forms of art.

For example, she has done a lot of modeling work, in which the free casual design stands out. Practicing origami together with her grandchildren used to give her a lot of pleasure. This applies equally to water color painting. Grateful subjects were mostly from her immediate surroundings: At the time, plush animals of the grandchildren, arranged flowers, etc. Usually following her own ideas, she sometimes worked out an assignment on special request. Wall hangings, table cloths, dried flower compositions on cards, etc.

Her more recent work are novels from her childhood. With this, one of her dreams has come true to write novels someday. You will find a few on this site.


Origami paper art: They're going to take me away hihi haha



Take a look around her site. Have fun watching and reading.











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